We  work circular economy

We are waste agents authorised by the Catalan Waste Agency with the non-registration A-10163

Since October 2017, we have always worked on the same purpose: to find creative and technical solutions for waste-generating companies, connecting them with others that can reuse them.

Our maximum indicator is the tons we retrieve from the landfill to make use of. From October 2017 to October 2020, we have managed to get 32,000 tonnes not to end up in landfill.

In Rconnects we do proper waste management, always under the existing legal framework, advising companies in obtaining environmental certificates. That is why we are looking for the most innovative solutions, giving waste a chance, making businesses echo-friendly and helping them in the energy cost saving.


Mission: Achieving the maximum reduction/elimination of the industrial waste, offering management solutions and re-use to companies in order to convert their waste into a resource.

Vision: We want to be active agents for a wasteless world.

Values: Environmental Protection (of people). Transparency with what we do and what we are. Contributing Spirit. Vocation of service, excellence, professionalism and honesty.